DIET Kozhikode

Faculty wise Profile of DIET

The DIET comprices 7 Faculties for providing services to both Pre-service and Inservice Sector of Education. There are 20 accademic staff members including the Principal. The mission of the institute is to ensure sustainable quality education to all and also to enhance and review the teacher education in tune with the needs and aspirations of society.

Pre-service Teacher Education faculty

Pre-service Teacher Education faculty is for the prospective teachers. Two year Trained Teachers Certificate ( TTC) course is being imparted. PSTE Unit of DIET is a modal training centre to other Teacher Education Centers in the District. Apart from the conventional teacher training programmes, new emerging trends in the field of education are incorporated in the Pre-Service teacher training. Since teacher education is a continuous process, the DIET gives more thrust to Pre-Service Teacher Education and In-service Teacher education.

IFIC Faculty

IFIC Faculty provides in service training and field interaction for the servicing teachers.

Planning and Management faculty

Planning and Management faculty imparts training to the Headmasters/Managers of schools for quality achievement in education.

Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation

Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation is conducting training to teachers on assessment and evaluation and organizes workshops for the preparation of learning materials.

District Resource Unit(DRU)

District Resource Unit(DRU) for adult education works in association with the District literacy mission authority for imparting quality training to Preraks/instructors in the non formal education. And also provides support to RTS for inclusive education for the CWSN Sector. As part of it, DRU Faculty conducts training for Resources Teachers and organizes review meetings regularly.

ET Faculty

ET Faculty organizes computer training for teachers and helps them to evolve software for computer assisted instructions.

Work Experience Faculty

Work Experience Faculty imparts training in Art & W.E for teachers. It gives more emphasis for the integration of Art & W.E with other Subjects.

In addition to these , faculty based programmes in various pedagogical areas are being undertaken by this institute. Orientation training programmes and Cluster Planning for Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary teachers and Headmasters are being imparted by the DIET.

Researches and studies in the field of primary and secondary education were also conducted. Teachers are being equipped to conduct action researches and studies under the leadership of the DIET. Main area of studies conducted last year was on continuous assessment and evaluation. Teaching materials and support materials were published during the year. These materials were mainly based on new curriculum and pedagogy practicing in our schools. Those are supportive and informative for the teacher population in the District.

Innovations are the creations of practitioners. So being practitioners, teachers are striving for better quality and achievement to our student population through multifaceted innovative activities. These activities or ideas are disseminated to all teaching community in order to motivate them and to adhere with novel approaches and practices in the field of education. The DIET plays a pivotal role for realizing these activities in the district.

Above all, the institute acts as a provider of resource support to various educational functionaries like SCERT, SIEMAT, SSA,Pareeksha Bhavan,IMG , SIETand LSGs.